Fratelli Toso

Murano antique Millefiori glass vase – circa 1900


Fratelli Toso

Murano antique Millefiori glass vase – circa 1900

Documentation Non
Origin Italy
Period 1890-1919
Styles / Movements Art Nouveau
Manufacturer / Brand Murano by Fratelli Toso
Materials Art glass
Dimensions W. 16.9 in; H. 10.6 in; D. 5.1 in;

W. 43 cm; H. 27 cm; D. 13.5 cm;

Condition Excellent condition – barely used with minimal signs of aging & wear
Description Beautiful antique Millefiori glass vase by Fratelli Toso, Murano Italy

In the colours red, white, blue and orange

Period approx. 1900

In perfect condition.

The Fratelli Toso ( Toso brothers) are the founders of a glass factory still in production on the island of Murano near Venice.

The art of the Fratelli Toso

While the Antica Vetreria had specialized in traditional candlesticks before 1900, which can still be purchased in reconstructions, glass collectors associate this name primarily with dainty vases, small jugs and bowls with colorful rolled-in murrins in Millefiori decor, which are still numerous today Auctions and traded in antique shops. The technique, which was already known in the basics of Roman glass production in the 1st century BC, consists of cutting small slices (so-called “tessera”) from a colored glass strand and melting them into colorless glass.

The Fratelli Toso used 1500 different forms of murrins, which were divided into different categories (Cattedrale, Farfalle, Kiku, Millepiedi, Millepunti, Pavone, Spicchi, Stellati); they can be freely combined with each other and lead to a large number of decors that cannot be repeated individually.

Early pieces of this type with mostly acid-matted surfaces date from the period between 1900 and 1920. The variations around 1960 based on designs by Ermanno and Rosanna Tosi do not differ significantly from the technology; however, the shapes are more diverse and the colors more vivid. Exact dating is difficult for the layperson; Catalogs help identify comparisons.

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